Mensa UniCampus Magdeburg


Hohepfortester. 25
39106 Magdeburg

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The canteen is located directly on the university campus, in the immediate vicinity of the library and the university data center. We offer 635 seats in two dining rooms.

For hygienic reasons, only contactless payment is possible. Therefore, no cash is accepted at the cash points. Please use the provided machines to recharge your chipcard.

Opening hours

During the lecture period
Dining hall downstairsMon. – Fri. 10:45 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Dining hall upstairscurrently closed
Café Latte in the foyercurrently closed
Outside lecture time
Dining hall downstairsMon. – Fri. 10:45 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Dining hall upstairsclosed
Café Latte in the foyerclosed

Current menu in the lower hall

Montag / Monday, 17.01.2022
Schweinenackensteak in Kräutermarinade mit Zwiebelsoße , Schnippelbohnen und Bratkartoffeln
pork neck steak in herb marinade with onion sauce , snip beans and fried potatoes

3,10 | 4,80 | 6,20
Symbol Schwein
(4) (a1) (g) (i)
Buntes Süßkartoffel-Gemüse-Chili mit Koriander , Chiasamen und Avocadodip
Colorful sweet potato and vegetable chili with coriander , chia seed and avocado dip

2,20 | 3,90 | 5,30
Symbol KnoblauchSymbol vegan
(2) (3)
Pikantes Wurstragout mit Gewürzgurkenstreifen dazu Spirelli-Nudeln
spicy sausage ragout served with spirelli noodles

1,80 | 3,50 | 4,90
Symbol Schwein
(2) (3) (8) (9) (a1) (j)
Der heutige Lieblingskuchen vom Mensa-Team: Saftiger Kokos-Buttermilch-Kuchen vom Blech
Today's favorite cake of the Mensa team: Juicy coconut buttermilk cake from the baking sheet

1,50 | 1,80 | 2,10
Symbol vegetarisch
(a1) (c) (g)
Tofugulasch mit Mischpilzen dazu Spirelli-Nudeln
Tofu goulash with mixed mushrooms served with spirelli noodles

1,80 | 3,50 | 4,90
Symbol vegan
(a1) (f)

Current menu in the upper hall

Diese Mensa hat aufgrund der aktuellen Pandemielage derzeit geschlossen. / This canteen is currently closed due to the current pandemic situation.