Staff Committee


Chairman of Staff CouncilDegen, ThorstenMensen & Cafeterias560159-04388814personalrat@…
DeputyReinecke, AndreaMensen & Cafeterias560391-6742960 
MemberLehmann, DianaMensen & Cafeterias 0391-8864675 
MemberBierstedt, KatrinMensen & Cafeterias 0391-8864675 
MemberBrehmert, KarstenAccomodation 0178-2535641 
MemberNeumann, CathrinCampus Child Care 0391-6742581 
MemberThunert, BeateMensen & Cafeterias 0391-6752962 


The members endeavour to answer pending questions and solve problems. You are welcome to contact any of us. Please make an appointment in advance. Email: