Decorative wool & yarn

Colorful wool balls

Your interest in the processing of wool has always increased in the last semesters, so that this semester, in addition to the course “Textiles Design”, a course “Decorative wool & yarn” is also offered. Knitting felting, embellishments, appliqués, knitting, crocheting…. can be tried out. As always, the basic equipment is included in the course fee. That is, to learn to knit or crochet, you need nothing more than to enroll. For later projects, e.g. your first own turtleneck sweater, you should get the wool yourself.

HeadAnnette Haerter, artisan and hand knitter
PlaceDorm 2, J.-G.-Nathusius-Ring 1, basement, side entrance
Fee€20.00; payable in case of binding registration with a valid student ID
Participantsmaximum of 10 people
RegistrationHere directly online as well as at the infopoints Mensa Herrenkrug and Mensa UniCampus during opening hours.