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Studentenwerk Magdeburg
Institution of public law
P.O. Box 40 53
39015 Magdeburg
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Studentenwerk Magdeburg
Institution of public law
J.-G.-Nathusius-Ring 5 (WH 7)
39106 Magdeburg
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Studentenwerk Magdeburg
Institution of public law
Friedrichstraße 57 – 59 (WH 3, side entrance)
38855 Wernigerode

Currently there are no personal office hours.
You can still contact us during the usual office hours by phone or email.

To submit documents, please use the mailbox next to the main entrance.

Head of Student ServiceEpping, Lars 0391/ 67-51514lars.epping@
Head of Field
Social & Advice
n.n. 0391/ 67-57582soziales@…
Mobile social counsellingBeder, Jennifer 0391/ 67-57582 WhatsApp: 0163/ 2220663jennifer.beder@…
Employees Cultural Officen.n. 0391/ 67-41536 
Employees StudentServiceBehrens,  0391/ 67-41536martin.altmann@…
Coordinator InternationalWesche, Jens 0391/ 67-51539jens.wesche@…
Wernigerode Counselling CentreBischof, SteffiDorm 303943/ 659-710steffi.bischof@…
Infopoint Mensa UniCampus 2nd floorAltmann, Martin 0391/ 67-48020infopoint@…
Infopoint Mensa HerrenkrugSüß, FritzLobby Mensa Herrenkrug0391/ 886-4660infopoint_hk@…
PsychoSocial Student Counselling MagdeburgEisenblätter, MareenG18-2040391/ 67-51553mareen.eisenblaetter@…
PsychoSocial Student Counselling MagdeburgSmuda, Martin G18-2060391/ 67-51 582Martin.smuda@…
PsychoSocial Student Counselling MagdeburgNossack, Angela G18-2020391/ 67-57 222Angela.Nossack@…
PsychoSocial Student Counselling MagdeburgSchulze, StefanieG18-2010391/ 67 54 877stefanie.schulze@
PsychoSocial Student Counselling

Fischer, M.A. Dorothea


Breite Straße 63, R 0.09, Stendal0178/
PsychoSocial Student Advice WernigerodeThomas Hänke
Franziska Klein
Legal advice MagdeburgLück, Ingo510391/
Legal advice WernigerodeSattler, Dr. JoachimBreite Straße 4003943 / 69140
Legal advice StendalLaw firm SchlegelBahnhofstraße 43, 39576 Stendal03931/ 25 82