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Stress-free by studying with the TK-Mental Strategies


You know for sure: It is once again exam time and exams, housework and and and… are on. You don’t know where your head is, you’re annoyed by the stress, the lack of time or just everything is too much for you…. Now the decision is here: In the next semester it will be different …

In this program, you will learn strategies to keep your study needs and relaxing phases in balance. The focus is on stress and self-management. In practice, for example, “time and learning management” is learned and practiced “to cope with exam anxiety”. Documents specially developed for the training serve as a common thread for the seminar dates.

The course is a cooperation between the Studentenwerk Magdeburg and the Technicians Health Insurance Fund. The effectiveness was scientifically proven by a study by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Thus, the seminar TK-MentalStrategies is the first empirically evaluated stress management training in small group setting (max. 12 people) at universities in Germany.

The program is right for you if you as a student want to improve your stress management sustainably. Your subject and the semester don’t matter and it’s independent of your health insurance. The training consists of 7 appointments, whereby for 6 appointments approx. 3 hours of time and for a block appointment approx. 7 hours are scheduled.



Course guidance:

Dipl. Psych. Mareen Eisenblätter

Registration & Fees:

Online registration until 25.10.19 is required here!

Participation is free of charge.

where:Harz University of Applied Sciences – Halberstadt Campus – S 205

Mini-methods for relaxation

Stressed by working on the screen? Sometimes the head hurts, the eyes are tearing and the neck is tense…? A feeling like the white rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland”: No time to do much! Or the hamster in the wheel? Then stop!!! Invest 15 minutes and visit us. Get a mini-stress killer that suits you and your life, which you can use now! From “A” like autogenous training to “Z” like time management, everything is there. With us you get ideas for your personal ABC. This project is free of charge for all students and can be used without prior reservation.

Course guidance:

Dipl. Psych. Mareen Eisenblätter

where:Campus Halberstadt, Mensa