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Mindful in the day (weekly group offer, registration not required)

Being mindful means appreciating yourself, realizing your needs, and making conscious decisions on this basis. Mindfulness, for example, can have a positive effect on one’s own assessments, diet or even the design of work and leisure time. It is a question of developing a special form of attention that allows for a more unbiased perception and remains at the very present moment – that is, not to the past or the future. With the help of regularly applied short exercise elements and self-reflections, we can learn to act more consciously instead of switching to autopilot. This open group offer is aimed at all those who want to develop a better sense of themselves and their needs and who want to be more in balance. Each r can participate once or more times. We have space for up to 12 participants.

when: Every Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Course guidance: Team PSB Magdeburg
Registration & Fees: Without registration & Free
where: Group room in the basement of dormitory 2 on the campus of the OvGU (please use separate entrance to the left of the main entrance).

Stress management through autogenous training

Not only during examination and examination phases, but also in normal day-to-day studies or in dealing with partners, parents, lecturers, fellow students and friends, sometimes stress and overwork situations arise, to which we do not feel able to cope. The mediation of the autogenous training as well as selected body exercises should make it possible to relax quickly and effectively even in stressful situations. Through group exchanges, we can learn to reflect more consciously, recognize our own stress patterns, and expand personal resources that help us cope with stress more sustainably.


Every Tuesday from 13:15 to 14:45 from 05.11.2019 to 21.01.2020 (except 19.11.2019) (9 meetings)

Course guidance:

M. Sc. Rehab psych. Simon Gadisa (PSB)

Registration & Fees:

until 01.11.2019 under

After registration, a course fee of 10,- Euro must be paid at the Infopoints of the Studentenwerk Magdeburg.

where: Group room of the Studentenwerk, Dormitory 2, J.-G.-Nathusius-Ring 1, campus of the OVGU (side basement entrance to the left of the main entrance)
Info: We recommend to bring a blanket, a towel or similar as a support for the mats and, if necessary, a pair of warm socks.

Expanding social competence – improving the way you deal with yourself and others

Without a living and trusting social relationship, it is much more difficult to study successfully. Self-doubt, insecurities and mistrust often hinder us in contact with others. The more we treat ourselves with respect and appreciation, the better the shaping of social relations, the dealing with authorities and the balance between over- and under-demanding. This group offer with a maximum of 12 participants offers the opportunity to gain new experiences with yourself and others under “laboratory conditions”. The main aim is to improve self-perception and self-regulation, to deal with proximity and distance, and to have the ability to engage in or distinguish oneself.

when: Every Monday from 13:15 to 15:15 from 04/11/2019 to 20/01/2020 (9 meetings) –
Course guidance:

Dr. Evelin Ackermann (PSB), Guest lecturer: M. Sc. Rehab psych. Simon Gadisa (PSB)

Registration & Fees:

until 28.10.19 under, the course participation requires a personal preliminary discussion

After registration, a course fee of 10,- Euro must be paid at the Infopoints of the Studentenwerk Magdeburg.

where: Campus of the OVGU, group room of the Studentenwerk Magdeburg – Dorm 2, J.-G.-Nathusius- Ring1

L-O-S! Studying optimally in the long term – “Tomorrow, however, I really start!”

Does this or a similar thought come to you? And does your studies already suffer from your constant postponement? Then you are right with us!

As part of our prevention project “L-O-S! Studying optimally in the long term” we offer you one-on-one conversations in which we try together with you to find out what really prevents you from studying. If our concept is well tailored to your current difficulties, you can take part in regular group coaching and an accompanying stress management course. Over a period of 10 weeks, you will receive structure and professional support in achieving concrete study-relevant goals (e.g. writing a seminar paper or preparing an exam) and in optimizing your work behaviour . self-management, relief, etc.). With the help of a relaxation procedure, you learn to strengthen your resources on the one hand and to improve your voltage regulation in such a way that you approach long-term difficulties, instead of bypassing them by postponing and avoiding them.

when: Start of the next group: expected in mid-October 2019
Course guidance: Dipl.-Reha.-Psych. Juliane Haase (PSB)
Registration & Fees:

If you are interested in mail to

Participation is free of charge.

where: Campus of the OVGU

Stress-free by studying with the TK-Mental Strategies


You know for sure: It is once again exam time and exams, housework and and and… are on. You don’t know where your head is, you’re annoyed by the stress, the lack of time or just everything is too much for you…. Now the decision is here: In the next semester it will be different …

In this program, you will learn strategies to keep your study needs and relaxing phases in balance. The focus is on stress and self-management. In practice, for example, “time and learning management” is learned and practiced “to cope with exam anxiety”. Documents specially developed for the training serve as a common thread for the seminar dates.

The course is a cooperation between the Studentenwerk Magdeburg and the Technicians Health Insurance Fund. The effectiveness was scientifically proven by a study by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Thus, the seminar TK-MentalStrategies is the first empirically evaluated stress management training in small group setting (max. 12 people) at universities in Germany.

The program is right for you if you as a student want to improve your stress management sustainably. Your subject and the semester don’t matter and it’s independent of your health insurance. The training consists of 7 appointments, whereby for 6 appointments approx. 3 hours of time and for a block appointment approx. 7 hours are scheduled.

when: Info evening for interested parties in Magdeburg: 23.10.2019 – 17:00 – 18:00
13.11., 27.11., 4.12., 11.12. and 18.12.2019 from 17:00 – 20:00Day workshop: 24.11.2019 from 10:00 – 18:00

Online registration required !

Until 01/11/2019 at:

Course guidance: Dipl. Psych. Mareen Eisenblätter
where: Campus of Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences; Location Herrenkrug
Info: Free

Mondays 17:15 – 20:15

28.10., 4.11., 18.11., 25.11., 02.12., 9.12.2019

Day Workshop 16.11.2019 – 10:00 – 18:00


Online registration required !

Until 25/10/2019 at:

Course guidance: Dipl. Psych. Mareen Iron Leaves
where: Harz University of Applied Sciences – Halberstadt Campus – S 205
Info: Free

Mini-methods for relaxation

Stressed by working on the screen? Sometimes the head hurts, the eyes are tearing and the neck is tense…? A feeling like the white rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland”: No time to do much! Or the hamster in the wheel? Then stop!!! Invest 15 minutes and visit us. Get a mini-stress killer that suits you and your life, which you can use now! From “A” like autogenous training to “Z” like time management, everything is there. With us you get ideas for your personal ABC. This project is free of charge for all students and can be used without prior reservation.

where: Mensa Men’s Jug
when: Tuesday, 12.11, 10.12.2019 and 14.01.2020 – 11:00 – 13:00
where: Mensa OvGU
when: Tuesday 05.11., 03.12.2019 and 07.01.2020 – 11:00 – 13:00

“Fun to study”

An open space for exchange on various topics of everyday student life. The general study consultancy team supports you with methods and learning techniques for the successful design and realization of your studies.

when: Every first and last Monday of the month – 16:00 – 17:30
Course guidance: General Study Advice Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
Registration & Fees:

by e-mail to

Participation is free of charge.

where: Campus of the OVGU, room will be communicated upon registration